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Funds Available

Grant amount

The maximum grant is £5,000 GBP over 12 months. Costs must be estimated in local currency and an equivalent given in pounds sterling based on the current exchange rate. Carefully costed projects may have a greater chance of approval

Decision making

Applications will be assessed by the Islamic Manuscript Association’s elected board of directors in consultation with subject specialists as necessary. The final decision to make an award rests with the board. The board reserves the right to suggest modifications to certain elements, and to appoint a mentor to each successful project who will monitor progress and be available to answer any queries or questions arising for the duration of the project.

Matching Funds

The Islamic Manuscript Association is particularly willing to match funds that have come from other sources, so please list other awards you have applied for or been granted. Applicants are requested to keep the Association informed of the outcomes of any other applications. Failure to do so may jeopardise the application’s prospects of success. In the event of simultaneous applications for funding to both the Association and to other funding bodies covering the same costs of a project both being successful, the applicant will be asked to choose which award to accept.


A successful grant-holder will initially receive 80% of the total amount granted, with 20% payable upon completion of the project and submission of the final reports. It is very important to clearly specify the expected stages of the project including the completion stage in order for the final 20% to be made available. Submission of final reports will not guarantee release of the final 20% if the project has not been delivered on the agreed terms (exceptions may be made if the project was forced to change through no fault of the grant holder, and if the grant holder kept the board fully informed of all changes).

Project Continuation

No further grant funding during a particular year will be available beyond what is awarded at the outset. However, a previous grant-holder may apply for a further grant for another project or for continuation of the same project, as long as the project report for the preceding grant has been submitted on time. There is no guarantee that further grants will be awarded, so applicants with longer-term projects should plan accordingly.