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Collection Care and Emergency Response Grant Scheme

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this page carefully before making your grant application. We appreciate that grant applicants may wish to ask other questions relating to their projects which are not found on this page. Please contact the Association at grants@islamicmanuscript.org with more detailed or specific enquiries.

* UPDATE (3 March 2016): Please note that one grant will be awarded annually until further notice. The next award will be made in 2017. Please contact Association staff with any queries.*

Who can apply?

What can I apply for?

What is the difference between the Collection Care and Emergency Response Grant Scheme and the Association’s Annual Grant Scheme?

How do I make an application?

When should I make my application?

Can I get any help in preparing my application?

What happens next if I am awarded funding?

What happens if I encounter difficulties carrying out my project?

What am I required to submit at the end of the project?